About Us 


We are actuaries and employee benefits consultants specializing in retirement and other long-term employee benefit programs. In synergy with iSolve, we also provide consulting services for group life and group medical programs.

Finally, we provide actuarial services for life insurance companies and other financial institutions.

We started operation in May, 2005 as a consulting firm for life insurance companies and financial institutions. We are now one of the leading actuarial consulting firms in this sector. In October of 2009, we expanded our services to employee benefits. Even before completing our first year in this area, we already served more than a hundred clients in different industries.    


We aim to provide the greatest value for our client’s resources. It starts with our acknowledgement that in engaging our services, clients make use of its resources - financial resources, human resources, time and even opportunities.

Thus, we provide not only quality results but quality service as well (we make sure that you are attended to by your consultant directly whenever you need him) and prompt results (we have the best turnaround time in the industry). We also provide value-added services - free seminars, participation in studies, timely information on recent developments through our website and more. Finally, we initiate.

A retirement program is a long-term commitment and once established, the benefits can no longer be diminished. Its costs and other financial requirements are not determined straight-forward. We, thus, provide very comprehensive services to ensure that Clients make well-informed decisions in amending or setting up a retirement program and avoid surprising financial and implementation problems.